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Flash Web Banners

Spread your message with the appropriate Banner

In order to be promoted on internet portals and on Google with display advertising or even to promote your own products and services on your website, your banner ads must be attention grabbers and at the same time be stylish but not offensive. It is not unusual for banners to, at best, go unnoticed due to their outdated design instead of enhancing a company's profile.

We design stylish Banners that highlight your message

We create stylish banners that draw immediate attention and promote your message within a few seconds. The many advertising campaigns we have managed and our continuous training, as IAB members (Interactive Advertising Bureau) ensure that your banners will have the best appearance and function so that your advertising campaign has the best possible results.

We give you the ability to measure the effectiveness of your actions.


Even if the basic objective of banners and display advertising is not a direct response, we can add an appropriate code to record the traffic that will be generated by your banners in Google analytics . In this way, you will not only know how many times the banner was displayed (impressions) and how many users/visitors clicked on it, but also how qualitative the traffic was (how long they visited your website, how many pages they visited, how many of them contacted you and bought your products, in the case of an e-shop, etc.) You can thereby look at the big picture of your advertising activities.

We create banners in any size you wish, although we recommend IAB's suggested standard sizes so you will be able to reuse them in the future on any other portal or website without needing to make any changes. Please contact us so that we create the banner that suits you best.