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Google AdWords Advertising

Why is Adwords the most effective Online advertising method?

It is absolutely targeted. Adwords helps you approach your clients precisely at the moment they need your service or product by displaying a related advertisement either in the search results or on websites related to your services.

It can be measure and is cost-effective. You are charged only for the users who will click on your advertisement (Pay Per Click) and will discover your services and products through your website . For those who see your advertisement, you don't have to pay anything no matter how many times they see it!

Moreover, you can have a full image of the interaction between users and your website. How do they search for you, which pages of your website perform better, which products lead more easily to online sales, which services have the greatest demand and which allow users to contact you easier.

It is flexible and effective. Your advertisement can be displayed only in the areas you can serve, on days and hours that are most effective for you and in the positions that will benefit you the most. You can be promoted both by advertising text messages and by advertising images, displays, flashes or videos. No minimum budget is required. No time commitment is required.


Why choose us for your display on Adwords?

Everyone can run an advertising campaign on adwords, often wasting time and money. Even if you think that your campaign is effective, we can show you how it can be even more effective.

We have the knowledge and the experience to provide you with the results you desire instantly, without wasting a single euro. We provide a team of Google certified professionals (Google Adwords Certified Professionals), one of the few companies in Greece with a «real» international certification “Google Adwords Certified Company” and we administer an impressively large number of advertising customers. So we know, in most cases, which way your advertisement will perform better from the beginning.

Together, we will set goals from the start, whatever they might be (online sales, contact by e-mail or phone, website login, an increase in brand awareness, etc.) and we count exactly which words and advertising messages better achieve our targets. We are in constant contact with you. Every month of our collaboration, you will know exactly how your money is being spent, how your advertising expenditure performs and you can rest assured that we will immediately implement any change that can benefit you.

Complementary services for an integrated search engine strategy

Google Adwords is the first step towards your website's beginning to fulfil its purpose. In other words, to bring new customers to your business. However, the increased traffic or the continuous use of the website can bring about design or functional failures, which may prevent many users from becoming customers. If your website has problems and doesn't help you meet your goals, we can offer you solutions and test them by using the tool website optimizer, in order to make sure that they will improve the website.

Furthermore, along with your advertisement on Google adwords, you should also improve your website's posting on Google's organic search results and those on other search engines through the Search Engine Optimization technique. This will not only reduce the cost of your advertising campaign, but will further increase the number of users who will find your website, as some users prefer organic results in their search and others those that are listed. Nevertheless, all of them are potential customers and should be able to find you regardless of the way they like to search.

If you are interested in advertising on Google or you want to find the appropriate promotion for your website, please contact us.