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Google Website Optimizer

Does your website perform the way you want?

Have you ever wondered if a different design or functional option on your website would lead to an increase in online sales? Could a different contact page increase the number of users who contact you? Have you ever made use of Google Analytics in order to identify your website's weaknesses? Are you investing your advertising budget in Google Adwords or in other advertisement methods, for a website full of weaknesses? Are you content with the return on your investment?

Is there a way to identify its weaknesses?

Everything can be measured objectively by figures that no one can dispute. Our experience in analyzing and interpreting Google Analytics statistics, our expertise gained through the construction of numerous electronic stores and websites of every kind, as well as the management of big Google Adwords advertising campaign budgets, allow us to immediately identify a website's weaknesses and to suggect specific solutions to overcome these weaknesses.


How can the use of Google Website Optimizer help?

We do not ask you to blindly trust us. Whatever we suggest or whatever you may want to try, we can compare it using Google's Website Optimizer tool under actual conditions to be sure that at the end of our experiments the solution we suggest improves the effectiveness of your website. Using Google Website Optimizer, we can test variations of a website and, at the end of a short period of time, determine, with statistical certainty, which variation improves the website's performance and increases the conversion rate of users for a given target (purchases, registrations, contacts, etc.). In this way, you will be sure that your time and money are spent in the best possible way.

So, do not waste time, contact us to take the utmost advantage of your website.