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Web Portals

Make your site a point of reference for updates and information

Internet Portals

Content, visitors, advertisers. A Balance so that you can succeed.

To benefit from the creation of a portal, you need a lot of visitors and advertisers. Dedicated visitors, who will read your articles on a daily basis, and advertisers, who will display their advertising banners on your pages. Users seek content, advertisers seek users and you seek advertisers. You have to combine interest and desire, and your only power is to provide information and quality content.

You set the content - We create the appropriate Portal to display it

Internet portals are undoubtedly the biggest and the most complex website construction projects. In most cases, their success lies on the Implementation, Strategy Formulation, of an idea.. To suggest the best implementation, which will effectively bring out your content, we take many parameters into account, which include, among other things:

  • Proper organization of different thematic modules.
  • Expandability and the ability to integrate new functions.
  • Impressive content presentation.
  • Navigation options for users.
  • Easy search for information.
  • Speed and unimpeded support to thousands of users.
  • Visual simplicity.
  • Multimedia functions.
  • Multiple access levels.
  • Easy administration.
  • Alternative forms of advertising.
  • Utilization of social media capabilities.
  • Access to search engines(SEO).
  • Ad hoc Advertising on Google.


Our collaboration with you in order to analyze your goals and capabilities is necessary in oder to to come up with a great result. Of course, we cannot come up with solutions for everything after only one discussion. However, it is a necessary step to begin a fruitful collaboration. Don't hesitate to contact us.