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Mobile Marketing

Learn about the solutions that mobile marketing can offer you.

Modern mobile devices are not only an indispensable part of our daily life but they also provide us with advanced options which ought to be taken into account in an integrated marketing plan. Mobile marketing can be used in various ways, some of which are:

SMS Advertising: Sending bulk sms or mms to your business customers so that you can inform them about a new product or a service or to promptly notify them when a service is discontinued.

SMS Competitions: They can enhance the promotion of a product by another type of advertisement (online, printed, radio, etc.) Customers are asked to send a code they find on your product or your advertisement by sms and by doing so they automatically participate in a competition.

Mobile Advertising: Promote your products by Advertising on Google to users who navigate through their mobile phones or make use of some of the thousands of mobile applications available

Mobile Website version: There is a constant increase in the users who visit your website through their mobile phones. So, make sure that these users will find what they are looking for by providing them a lighter and simpler version of your online website.

Mobile Applications: Do you have a very good idea that you want us to implement? Do you want to stand apart from the competition and enhance your prestige by creating a useful iphone application?


Do you ever wonder how mobile marketing could assist your business?

Whatever your mobile presence might be at the moment, we can recommend solutions to you that deviate from the norm and make you stand apart from the competition. Solutions that can complement as well as enhance the rest of your advertising efforts. If you wish to combine effectiveness and originality, make sure to contact us.