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Online Display Advertising

Enhance your Brand Awareness

Display or banner advertising is one of the most popular and traditional methods of online advertising. It offers you the possibility to promote your products or services via banners of different sizes on large portals and websites. There is a charge for every 1,000 displays of your advertisement (CPM), regardless of the number of clicks. The display of advertising banners (images & display) through Google Adwords, in the associated Google Content Network is excluded and may be subject to a charge per click (CPC).

The objective of display advertising is not the immediate increase in sales of a product or a website but rather the increase in brand awareness. The most important factors for a successful advertising display with banners are the following:

1. The proper selection of the means where the advertisement will be displayed

It requires a careful study of the website demographic information in which you will choose to advertise, according to the gender or the age of the customers for which your products or services are targeted. It should also meet specific qualitative display and content standards so that your advertisement attracts the attention it deserves and does not go unnoticed among other advertising messages and banners. Finally, the object of the website in which your advertisement will be displayed should be related to the product or the service you want to advertise as much as possible.

2. The quality of the advertising banners' design

The moment that your advertisement is displayed, users read something that interests them. The design of the advertisement should be able to attract their attention in a tasteful way and convey your message within seconds.

3. The proper support to the advertising action

The power of display advertising is multiplied when combined with search engine marketing. According to research, almost 50% of users having seen a banner ad will eventually conduct a search on the company advertised or the product promoted. Consequently, in order to gain the maximum benefit from your advertising promotion via display advertising, you should "appear in front of them" when they are searching for you. Therefore, it is especially effective to complete your advertising action by an advertising campaign on Google Adwords.

Why choose us for the design of your media plan?

We collaborate with the largest Greek and international websites and media agencies
that represent a large number of portals in the Greek and international market. Therefore, we can offer you the most suitable promotional solution every time.

We know how a advertising banner should be designed in order to promote your message and enhance your brand awareness in the best way

We adopt an overall approach to your online promotion and we suggest methods that we consider to be the most effective for your business. We do not exclusively do display advertising; we engage in all modern methods of online promotion (Advertisements on Google and Facebook, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing etc.).

We measure the effectiveness of each advertising action you choose and we present you the results with transparency. We are obsessed with the effectiveness of those methods we recommend to you and we want you to know at any given time how your advertising budget is being spent.

We are confident that we can help you to accomplish your objectives, whatever they may be. Please contact us so that we find out more about you.