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Search Engine Optimization

Why is SEO necessary?

Why have an attractive and functional website if nobody can find it? Would you create a modern business in an isolated place without roads? Then, why construct a website without ensuring access to everyone searching for something related to your services?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of actions performed at all levels of your website development. There are specific techniques that help your website to be displayed as high as possible in the search engine results, for users who are interested in your services. The most important ones are divided into three phases:

Website Design & Development
It is very important that your website is extremely friendly to search engines. However, superficial techniques, such as creating friendly titles on every page or placing meta tags into the code, are not enough to make this happen. The whole website infrastructure should be formed in an appropriate way, while the external factors that could prevent the proper display of the website in the search engines should be broken down.

Content Optimization

No matter how good the structure of your website may be, you will not get the desired results if your content is not suitably configured. At this stage, we take measurements using modern content analysis tools which we have developed and modify your texts (or add content when necessary) so that words that are "important" to you are also "important" to the search engines.

Link Building
It is important to build internal and external links on your website, but it is an extremely difficult procedure which can bring results only if done correctly. Our many years of experience in this field assures you that you will have high quality links from trustworthy sources, which will have a positive effect on your website.

We apply SEO techniques, which bring actual results

On the Internet, there is much information about SEO techniques, which sometimes gives the impression that anyone can implement the SEO on their website by themselves. In practice, however, it is very difficult to display a page high in the search engine results because of competitive key-words and it requires comprehensive and deep knowledge of search engine functioning and data mining.

Our goal is to optimize your website for popular user searches that really interest you and can increase traffic and customers. With complete transparency and with the use of screenshots, we record the positions at which your website was displayed before implementing our SEO methodology and, in the end, we present you the present website display positions. We constantly adapt our techniques to the algorhithm changes applied by the search engines so that you always have an optimal website. All the techniques we use are acceptable by search engines (white hat seo) and there is no risk of penalty or getting banned from the search engine results.

Since a high-position display of search engine results via SEO is not always possible for all key-words which may interest you, we strongly believe that an integrated search engine strategy should include advertising campaign on google adwords. On adwords, the results are instant and can function in addition to the organic search results. Moreover, according to recent measurements, even for the key-words which your website displays first in the organic search results, the additional display of an advertising message through google adwords can increase the possibility of finding a customer by 30%.

Please contact us so that we find the best way to promote your website.