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Social Media Marketing

Enhance your relationship with consumers - Attract new customers


Social media allow you to create your own presence by integrating information about yourself, photos of social events and products, as well as quizzes, voting, rss feeds etc, on your website. By using smart quizzes and polls, you can find out consumers' opinions and improve your services and products. You can inform people about special offers, new products and services or promote a competition and award your "friends" with discount coupons.

When creating big modern internet portals and blogs, it is necessary to add the aforementioned options. Within the context of an integrated strategy regarding your internet presence, we recommend that you create "Interactive Flash Games", interactive games and Facebook Applicationsfacebook applications that can make a difference and create the buzz your portal needs so that it can change into a large online community.

Additionally, we can create and manage your advertisements on facebook, which offers great demographic targeting at a relatively low cost in comparison with display advertising.

From a simple presence to a comprehensive Social Media strategy

Social Media is not just a profile, a group or a page on facebook or twitter. Facebook, in particular, provides many capabilities to integrate functional data on your website and, by using the "open graph" and the "like buttons", aspires to target Internet advertisement more intensely than ever. Why ask for information you already have? Increase the number of users participating in online competitions, by using facebook connect to spare them from the subscription obstacle. You can utilize the options offered by Social Media by encouraging and facilitating users to promote your content to their friends.

If you have a certain idea that you wish to implement or you simply want us to recommend the best way for you to take advantage of Social Media capacities, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.