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Viral Marketing

Spread your message everywhere

The goal of any viral campaign is to transmit your message everywhere. From mouth to mouth, from email to e-mail and by using social media, we want to enhance brand awarenessas much as possible. In viral marketing, success and failure are closely connected. Everything must be done in order to gather the critical mass needed so that the message gets through on its own at some point in time.

To make this happen, our idea needs to be original, interesting or useful to all recipients of the message in order to make them want to pass it onto their friends. But this is not enough. We need to provide users with all possible mechanisms in order to encourage and help them pass the message onto as many people as possible. Finally, it is necessary to ensure that our mechanism will be able to function on a larger scale without facing speed or administrative problems.

We provide the entire range of services needed for your Viral Marketing campaign

We are well aware of the online means and technologies needed for Viral Marketing. Therefore, we are able to recommend ideas that combine the most suitable options for each action you take with absolutely no restriction. To increase our chances of success, we may need to use a set of services, which complement each other, as follows: Microsites, Facebook Applications, Interactive Games, Social Media Marketing, e-mail Marketing, Display Advertising and Search Engine Marketing that offers services such as SEO and Google Adwords. All these are important links in a chain which should not be broken if we want to accomplish our goal.

We have created a lot of successful online viral campaigns for our customers and advertising companies. We expand and implement your ideas, but we can also be responsible for the successful completion of all the stages of a viral campaign. Due to the fact that there are no other intermediaries from the conception of an idea to its implementation and thereporting, we can be direct, flexible and can keep the overall cost low.

If you would like us to suggest complete promotional solutions for your brand and services, please contact us in any way you wish..